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Schenna CrewCard - The Advantage Card for all employees in Schenna

Job & Fun in Schenna

The Schenna CrewCard is the perfect way to combine work and fun. There is a multitude of leisure providers, cable cars, shops, restaurants and alpine huts in Schenna ready to extend special offers and discounts to you. Apply for the Schenna CrewCard from your employer in Schenna now and enjoy lots of exclusive benefits.

Questions & Answers about the CrewCard

How do I get a Schenna CrewCard?

Your employer applies to the Schenna Tourist Office for a CrewCard, which (after approval) is made available to you digitally via the Schenna app.

Where can I download the Schenna app?

The free Schenna app is available on the App-Store, Google-Play, and the Huawei AppGallery.

How much does the Schenna CrewCard cost?

For staff members the card is free of charge.

How can I redeem my bonuses?

Bonuses are listed on the Schenna app. To redeem your bonus just show the digital CrewCard to the service provider concerned.

How long is the Schenna CrewCard valid for?

The CrewCard remains valid until 6th January of the following year.

In case of any questions concerning the Schenna CrewCard, who can I contact?

Kindly contact your employer or the Schenna Tourist Office.